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It’s funny because it’s true… November 17, 2009

Filed under: Che Guevara — Paulo Martins @ 7:11 pm


6 Responses to “It’s funny because it’s true…”

  1. Revolutionary Says:

    This is actually perfect. Girls in my school wear the t-shirt and have the patch on their bag but I doubt they actually know who Che is!

    • liam symes Says:

      hi i love this image and i am writing for your permission to print this on a t shirt and i promise if you give me your permission i will only make one copy just for my pleasure only thanks please reply

  2. Sebastian Kano Says:

    I think in America(U.S) this picture is true and sometimes in Mexico too but its not in other latin american countries. Most of the people know who is this revolutioner and his ideas about the world. Unfortunately Che is nowadays a mark lust like Coke or any other capitalist product; I think he would be very disapointed.
    Just like Metallica says in one of their songs:
    “you know is Sad but True”

  3. Sebastian Kano Says:

    I made a mistake, I lust instead of just

  4. Sebastian Kano Says:

    Sorry another mistake, what I mean is that Che is nowadays a mark just like Coke…..

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