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glimpse (glĭmps) -noun: A brief, incomplete view or look.

Dennis the Menace? A real angel. November 17, 2009

Filed under: Children,Creepy,Fireman — Paulo Martins @ 5:34 pm

Dennis the Menace? A real Angel.


8 Responses to “Dennis the Menace? A real angel.”

  1. lilith Says:

    this girls look is so creepy, as if she made the fire and now is satisfied with what she had done. she looks like a demon! plain creepy:)

  2. Patrick Sutherland Says:

    omg i think that the smoke above the fire is the angel.
    do u see the praying hands and the hood over the head as well?!??!?!!

  3. Angel Says:

    Hell, Must be missing a devil.. Missing one Devil Child !! Because shes here right now.. You look feel with develish… Fire ! your hate comes with Fire .. la la la laaa

  4. Susanna Ritler Says:

    Yea, this child does look creepy. I think she looks like she set the fire also.

  5. SKYLAR Says:

    the child could have died in the fire and the smoke could have been the smoke in her clothes.

  6. Jordan Cambridge Says:

    She looks so happy. Someone take away her flamethrower privilegess now.

  7. mo Says:

    I don’t think that’s an angel. .

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